Looking for a new sport? Pick up Pickleball

If you want to take a swing at an exciting new sport, Pickleball may tickle your fancy.

If you combine tennis, table tennis and a bit of badminton, you’ll have the recipe for the fastest growing sport in America. The game is played using a paddle similar to a table tennis bat and a perforated polymer ball. In Home Hill, the game is played on a tennis court with an area marked out to approximately the size of a badminton court.

This sport is as much about socialising as competing. It’s a great social game because players stand closer together than in tennis. There is also the chance for some funny shots, especially if it’s windy.

Pickleball is catching on in Queensland, with 70 venues hosting the sport and over 10,000 participating players. It has been played all year round at Home Hill since 2020.

Part of the sport’s appeal is that it is less taxing on the joints, making it a popular game with ex-tennis and squash players looking for a slower social game. It’s also fun for tricky table tennis or squash players who like to spin and slice the ball.

Pickleball will recommence with a free trial on Tuesday 1 March at Home Hill Tennis. Games are played every Tuesday night from 7 pm to 8.15 pm with a $10 entry fee. The fee includes the use of pickleball equipment and membership to Home Hill Tennis. Everyone is welcome to come and have a go.

For more information, message Home Hill Tennis Facebook page or phone Kate on 0447384441.

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