Sharing Love

The Laurie’s Love Foundation recently held an event to demonstrate how community donations are making real advancements in brain cancer research.

L-R: Ren Pedersen (The Cure Starts Now); Anna Welch (QMIR Berghofer); Julie Pavone (President of Laurie’s Love); Katie Cursio (Board Member of Laurie’s Love); Dr Ulrich Baumgartner (QMIR Berghofer); 6.Ross Gambino (Board Member of Laurie’s Love); Danny Horan (Treasurer of Laurie’s Love); Adrieanne Hallcup (Community Fundraising Officer); 9. Ben Nielson (Board Member of Laurie’s Love); Sandra Flanagan (Secretary of Laurie’s Love).

Laurie’s Love, a foundation dedicated to spreading love while raising awareness of brain cancer, works tirelessly to raise vital funds to support brain cancer research. Fundraising for the Foundation relies on the generosity of the community, and because of this support, they are committed to maintaining transparency in how these precious funds are being disbursed….

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