Rocking the Red Carpet!

This year’s Students Ball was a spectacular success, with everyone getting into the action. Grab your huge 4-page lift out in this week's edition!

Shae Munro, Madison Samwell, Dayna Linton, Mackenzie Linton, Zoe Branch, Aalyah Gibson, Casey Marson, Jessica Cox

As students alighted from buses and limousines, resplendent in stunning evening dress, they were welcomed by a large crowd of spectators who gave them an enthusiastic reception. The party-goers looked amazing as they strutted their stuff along a red carpet-worthy of a Hollywood Premier.

The arrivals were live-streamed to Facebook for the enjoyment of parents and those who were unable to attend.

Everyone had a fantastic evening dancing to all the hits laid on by the DJ.

Congratulations to the following students who capped off their night receiving special recognition:

Belle Of The Ball 2021 Leah Poli  HHSHS

Beau Of The Ball 2021 Connor Brown  ASHS

Best Dressed Couple Stella Sitton & Shayne Benson  BCHS

Sass Winner Geenee Cox  BCHS

Swagger Winner Ashley Wailu  BCC

Miss Elegance Grace Bach  ASHS

Mr Soignèe Jake Boccalatte  BCHS

Runner Up Belle Of The Ball Kya Olsen  ASHS

Runner Up Beau Of The Ball Liam Todeschino HHSHS

Female Special Mention Ella Zabel  BCHS

Female Special Mention Kaitlin Daley  HHSHS

Female Special Mention Milla Castello  BCHS

Female Special Mention Brea Betteridge  HHSHS

Male Special Mention Benjamin Smail  BCHS

Male Special Mention Jett Wallis BCC

Male Special Mention Kane Lowis HHSHS

Male Special Mention Logan Flanagan BCHS


Munnyanea Humphrys, Micheala Smallwood, Emily Holmes, Leaoma Smallwood

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