Help uncover Home Hill’s Harvest Festival history

One Burdekin woman is hoping to highlight the names and faces of the Home Hill Harvest Festival’s long-lived history ahead of the event’s return this year.

Home Hill’s Saskia Vollema-Creek has been trying to source as much information as she can find about the event’s past winners.

Mrs Vollema-Creek, who is the current minutes secretary on the Harvest Festival committee, is looking ahead at next year’s 60th anniversary with an eye to producing a magazine about the history.

“Since we didn’t have a Harvest Festival last year due to COVID, we decided to try and keep the interest going through the facebook page and such,” Mrs Vollema-Creek said.

Her aim is to put together a 60th anniversary celebration material packed full of info about past winners, events and parade floats.

So far, she’s getting stuck into all available records about the Harvest Festival’s crop of pageantry winners, sourcing names for photos and other coverage from old papers and festival documents.

Many community members, including Harvest Queens from prior decades have already reached out to help make Mrs Vollema-Creek’s research easier.

One such figure is Alison Milani, the very first Queens personality winner, who won the crown in the Harvest festival’s debut year in 1963.

Mrs Vollema-Creek said that while the project had started as part of an attempt to commemorate and keep the spirit of the festival alive during COVID, it quickly grew into a study of what she sees as an integral part of Home Hill’s culture.“We’re one of the few places that still has a Harvest festival, us and Ingham,” Mrs Vollema-Creek said.

“Last year made a lot of things very difficult, that’s why we were very desperate to make sure it came back this year.

“It’s something everyone looks forward to every year and it’s a real highlight.”


Mrs Vollema-Creek has an open call out for information about the history of the festival and people’s personal experiences, if you believe you can either message the Harvest Festival Facebook Page or e-mail

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