Burdekin embraces ‘I Support’

Zonta’s 16 Days of Activism may have drawn to a close, but people are being urged to be vigilant and continue to uphold the vision of gender equality and denounce violence against women.

Burdekin Men’s Shed members show their support for Zonta

When we don’t see the effects of something in our daily lives it is easy to believe it is not happening but violence against women is occurring at an alarming level in every country across the globe.

In many countries, a culture of discrimination and violence is accepted with impunity and those brave enough to speak out have often suffered severe repercussions for their actions.

Zonta’s 16 Days of Activism which runs every year from 25 November, turns the spotlight on the insidious and pervasive issue of gender-based violence.

For violence against women to stop, community attitudes normalising and perpetuating gender-based violence need to change, from grassroots through to the highest levels of government.

Shifting the thinking and behaviours of men can be challenging, which is why it is vital everyone in the community unites to relay this crucial message.

Judy Sgarbossa, chair of Zonta Club Burdekin worked tirelessly, visiting businesses, community groups and individuals to draw together the Burdekin community to emphatically state, ‘I SUPPORT’ saying ‘NO’ to violence against women.’

Zonta would like to thank everyone who supported this year’s 16 Days of Activism activities.

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