Zonta Assembly Day kits up

Volunteers lent a helping hand for the Zonta Club’s Birthing Kit Assembly Day this week to save the lives of mothers and babies around the world.

A thousand birthing kits have been delivered to the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia by the Burdekin’s Zonta Club, following a successful Assembly Day at St Francis Primary School.

Isabel Stubbs, the President of the Burdekin Zonta Club, says she’s been blown away by the support from the community, with double the number of volunteers than in previous years.

“We had a very successful day with wonderful support from the community. We finished the 1000 kits in record time,” says Isabel.

“Everyone I spoke to was very happy to help and were keen to assist women in third world countries to save lives.

“We do not know where the kits will be needed yet. With the thousand kits, we prepared we can save 2000 lives. I think that should make anyone happy for two and a half hours of work.

The kits will be donated to an in-need community chosen by the Birthing Kit Foundation in the coming months, with each kit containing the basic tools required to give mothers safer access to childbirth.

Data from the World Health Organisation reveals that 295 000 women die on average a year as a result of childbirth complications, 94% of which are preventable.

Infection remained one of the top causes of mother and child mortality, occurring in developing countries and communities impacted by poverty and poor access to health services.

Each kit costs just five dollars to produce and contains basic items that reduce the risk of infection during labour, which while simple dramatically reduce the risk of both mother and infant mortality.

A plastic sheet separates the mother from unclean surfaces during delivery while soap, gauze gloves and a clean scalpel for safe umbilical cord removal add to the chances of a healthy birth.

“The $ 5000 needed to purchase the kits from the foundation and to then assemble them comes from our International Women’s Day fundraiser, which is a great fun day,” says Isabel.
“We are also helped by Jo Gabiola, who takes one of the biggest steps out of the process by folding all 1000 pieces of plastic sheets, which makes the job on the Assembly day so much faster and easier.

“We are very grateful to the community that has supported us locally so that we can supply these kits internationally.”

Connect Now: Visit the Birthing Kit Foundation website for info on how you can donate and read some of their stories from the field.

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