Selection of new Renal Nurse for Home Hill Hospital underway

Community lobbying has brought the need for increased use of the renal facility to the fore.

The days of Home Hill dialysis patients travelling to Townsville for renal treatment could soon be over with news that a new renal nurse could soon be recruited to join the Home Hill Hospital.

“It is incredibly concerning that while Home Hill has been in a unique position, where there are spaces for renal patients, they were not able to benefit all renal patients in the community because there simply wasn’t the staff,” Member for Burdekin Dale Last said. 

“I am advised that the recruitment campaigns closed last week for a Clinical Nurse and registered Nurse for the Home Hill facility have recently closed with the panel now commencing the selection process which is a great step forward for more dialysis spaces in Home Hill.” 

Mr Last said ensuring more dialysis patients were able to receive treatment without having to travel to Townsville was a positive outcome for the entire health service not just now but into the future. 

“Having these facilities in a small town is invaluable not only to current patients but future any future patients needing dialysis treatment,” Mr Last said. 

“The announcement that more residents on dialysis would be able to use the facility is great news and I am sure that after six months of waiting those patients, many of whom are elderly, will be looking forward to not having to drive 100km down the road to receive dialysis treatment.”

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