Local Wagyu Producer Beefing up Growers Race Day

The Burdekin Growers Race Day is growing in culinary diversity, now showcasing LegaSea Grass-fed Wagyu Beef on the menu.

LegaSea Owners Richard and Barbara Colls

The annual Burdekin Growers Race Day is well known for the horses, the fashion and the cartons of fresh produce supplied by local growers.

This year, Burdekin beef producers Richard and Barbara Colls from LegaSea, are throwing their hat in the ring, or rather, their beef on the plate, with local grass-fed wagyu appearing for the first time on the menu for guests in the elite tent.

“It’s wonderful to have local events supporting local businesses and vice versa. We have been working really hard to create a quality product and are very excited to officially add “Paddock to Plate” to what our business can offer,” Barbara said.

Richard is pleasantly surprised by the local interest in their wagyu beef.

“We are able to keep our product affordable by supplying locally and direct to consumers. We apply regenerative principles on our property; our Wagyu cattle are also 100% hormone and antibiotic-free. We love that the grass-finished beef is tender and full of flavour, whilst still achieving the sought-after marbling,” Richard said.

The Burdekin Growers Race Day will be held on Saturday, 21 May at the Burdekin Race Club. Wagyu beef packs can be ordered through Facebook: LegaSea – Accountable Agriculture.

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