Ladies Long Lunch with Jules Sebastian

The long-awaited Ladies Long Lunch was a success, with guests turning up in support of women’s mental health and wellbeing.

There was an impressive turnout for the Ladies Long Lunch on Sunday. Council staff greeted guests at the door with complimentary mimosas, and Kellie Stephenson emceed the event, sharing her experience as a car-crash survivor with PTSD.

ACT for Ag founder Stephanie Schmidt gave the first presentation of the morning. She spoke about growing up in the cultural heart of Adelaide to now running a farm with her husband and their three young sons. She spoke openly about her experience with postpartum depression and the need to speak up when your mental health turns for the worse “Don’t be afraid to speak up and say I’m not ok.”

After Stephanie’s presentation, key speaker Jules Sebastian took the stage. Jules’ speech focussed on how to be yourself authentically and separate ‘who you are’ from ‘what you do’. “You’re more than just someone’s wife or mother or friend. You are your own person, and you have to be yourself,” she said. Jules touched on the concept of “having to fill your cup and look after yourself first before being able to help those around you.”

After a brief interval, Brooke Winterstein and Doctor Amanda Marano were invited onstage as part of a Q & A panel. Brooke led the discussion by speaking about the impact losing her young brother-in-law to suicide had on her family. In particular, how it affected her husband, former North Queensland Cowboy Antonio Winterstein and how they handled grief as a family.

Dr Amanda Marano spoke about mental health and how important it is for women to seek help when they need it. Especially after going through something traumatic and taking steps to keep your mental health in check before it reaches breaking point.

Jules Sebastian and Stephanie Schmidt then joined the ladies on stage for an audience interactive Q & A. Once the ladies had finished speaking, guests were able to mingle or chat with the speakers.

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