Good grant for community

Life-saving medical equipment will be stationed across the Cape to provide further accessibility in case of an emergency.

Pictured from left: Debbie Szendrey, Ray Pickering and Alex Bojack

The Cape Upstart community will now be able to access life-saving equipment in a medical emergency, thanks to a Queensland Country Good for Good Community Grant.

Secretary of The Cape Upstart Community Progress Association, Ray Pickering, says the $10,885 grant has enabled the organisation to purchase an additional five cardiac defibrillators to be stationed across the Cape and provide further accessibility.

“The nature of our coastline means defibrillators are crucial if there is an emergency,” said Mr Pickering. “Having these defibrillators makes it much easier to save lives and give peace of mind to the community, knowing that there is help available if they need it.”

Alex Bojack, President of The Cape Upstart Community Progress Association, says the funding will also play a crucial part in ensuring they can attract travellers who may have previously been concerned about the remoteness of the coastline.

“It gives travellers the reassurance that they can access cardiac tools if required, which improves the quality of life for visitors,” says Mr Bojack.

Queensland Country Bank Burdekin Branch Manager, Debbie Szendrey, says she is delighted that a local association received a share of over $120,000 grant funding awarded in this year’s Queensland Country Good for Good Community Grants.

“Defibrillators are crucial in ensuring people can have access to life-saving equipment in the case of an emergency. It is a terrific example of how we can put our profits back into creating healthy and sustainable communities,” said Ms Szendrey.

2022 marks the fifth year that Queensland Country Bank has run the Good for Good Community Grants program and follows a long history of supporting the community through grants with over $2.4 million injected into Queensland community projects since 2005. The application window for the next round of Queensland Country Good for Good Community Grants will open later this year.

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