Get your pet chipped, meow!

Don't woof around when it comes to microchipping your furry friends.

Burdekin veterinarian Dr Kate Lyne of Kate’s Mobile Vet encourages all pet owners to microchip their four-legged friends.

In the unlikely event a pet gets stolen, microchipping is an easy way to identify the rightful owner.

“A microchip is like a tiny grain of rice planted underneath the skin. It gets coded with a number that comes up on our scanners. When we log that number into our database, it brings up the owner’s details so we can contact them,” said Dr Kate.

She said it was important for owners to update their details if they changed their address or phone number.

“You need to ensure everything is updated because if the registry details are incorrect, there’s no way of finding the owner, and that’s when animals can get rehomed.

“Registries are accessible nationwide, so if you take your pet on holiday and they somehow get lost, it’s easier to find them and be reunited,” said Dr Kate.

Microchipping pets has been a legal requirement since 2010.

“Any cat or dog born after June 2010 must be microchipped,” she said.

Dr Kate will offer discounted $15 microchipping services at the Burdekin Pet Fair on Sunday, 19 June. No appointments are required.

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